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Passionate hairstylist for over 8 years, my interest of this industry has grown even more throughout time. I love the fact this career allows me to be creative and make a statement on someone's hair and give that individual an expression of themselves and their personality .To make someone feel and look the best version of themselves is what has done it for me!. Within the years I have taken classes to perfect my craft. Last year I attended Behind the Chair's color/cut class "reflection" in New Orleans; it was a life changing experience and a definite reflection of where I see myself and the goals I would like to set in my career that I have along aspired to be. As the show went on Paul Mitchell and their team stood out with their spectacular detail in performance, wardrobe and makeup.The educators taught the latest cutting and color techniques while also showing an original, creative, and edgy side. just an overall an overwhelming experience. Working at a Paul Mitchell focused salon I noticed a difference in the work the interest and eagerness the girls have to discuss ideas and different formulas/techniques, and also having that teamwork that was very refreshing to see .Which has led me to this point of interest to become and learn different ways and methods that I find to be very beneficial and an essential in an everyday environment. I realized what this industry has to offer and it made me appreciate and feel privileged to be a part of a community that Is very positive and uplifting. Through this class/show I have perceived to look at hair in a different perspective which I have found was very much familiar with my background in oil painting; finding inspiration in nature and mimicking it's tones through hair which I found I can relate the both in an artistic form and that has been my drive and purpose since I can remember.

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