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Growing up, I never knew what I wanted to do after high school. I was very good at math and the sciences, as well as very artistic. College was the path many of my peers were taking, but it didn't seem like a good fit for me. So I took a semester off from school after graduating and worked as a receptionist at a Chiropractor's office. I loved interacting with so many different people, but was struggling with the fact that I was trapped behind a desk! I also wanted more for myself as a career, so I started part time classes at a community college to dabble in different areas. I took psychology and marine biology and photography and loved the topics! But I was really struggling with the class structure of college. Meanwhile, I started experimenting with my hair color and changing my look. I was really trying to figure out who I was as a young adult. However, during all of my hair color changes, I did some major damage to my hair and was in serious need of a professional to fix my hair! Through the long and trying process, I asked my stylists many questions about their career and found that it was something I could be very interested in! Over the next few months I did some research into the beauty industry and decided I wanted to go to a Paul Mitchell school. Unfortunately, where I was living, the closest Paul Mitchell School was 2 hours away. So I was very disappointed that I couldn't go to school right away. And then a miracle happened! My family moved to the Temecula area where a Paul Mitchell school was just 10 minutes away from my house! So I signed up and started beauty school as soon as I could. And I found my true love in life. Being a hairstylist, I get to use the things I'm so good at –math, science and art— to make a person feel so amazing about themselves. I live such a rewarding and fulfilling life being a hairstylist because I truly feel I never have to work. I am so passionate about each and every person that sits in my chair, the challenges they have with their hair, and really helping each person find their inner beauty by educating the best techniques and products for each individual! I love what I do so much and I cannot wait to be your stylist!

Brittany V Green

Hair Body & Sol Salon

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