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Expertise:  Cuts, Balayage, Specialty Styles     Request an appointment

Expertise: Cuts, Balayage, Specialty Styles

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Growing up I loved to experiment with makeup and doing fun up-do’s and putting color on my hair, I was a sucker for makeover shows. I loved learning new tricks. Little did I know, at that time in my life, all those tips and tricks I was learning and practicing on myself and my friends would one day be my livelihood!

After high school I did the college thing for a while, I took a variety of classes, I love to learn, nothing was truly sparking my interest as the beauty industry had. I was off and looking for a new job. My best friend told me about the salon she went to and always raved about it. Her description of this magical place sounded exactly like what I needed and was looking for in my life.

I did more research on the salon’s website and reviews and fell in love with the owners based off all the blogs, videos, and pictures, I immediately knew I wanted to be a part of this salon! I knew that I wanted to be surrounded by inspiration, creativity, beauty and making people happy. I found all of that at HBS. I wanted to be part of the HBS Family!

I was given my opportunity! After a very short time at HBS I realized that being a true hair artist, not just a simple hairdresser/stylist, is for passionate and creative women, ladies who think outside the box, ladies who love to be day makers and who help others bring out their inner beauty. I wanted to be one of these ladies!

Two and a half years later and I am proud to say I am one of these ladies! I am a strong woman and would not want to be doing anything else with my life than creating beauty. This is my passion! I am not JUST a hair dresser; I am a Paul Mitchell Hair Artist at Hair Body & Sol Salon!

There isn’t anything I love more in the beauty industry than showing my clients, through precision cutting and coloring, along with a few simple tricks and tips how beautiful they really are on the inside and out!

I am blessed and fortunate that I have been able to gain an amazing experience and education from HBS, while I was at Paul Mitchell The School and now as a licensed cosmetologist! Currently I am a stylist and assistant to The Beth Whitfield. I get to learn so much from Beth and being in HBS family of salons has now given me the opportunity to do what I love here in San Diego as well as the opportunity head to Alaska and share my passion at HBS Serendipity in Ketchikan! I am beyond excited for the adventures, friendships (and seafood) that awaits!

I love being at Hair Body & Sol happily helping others discover confidence in their beauty , and making everyone who comes to HBS feel at home and a part of the HBS family like I do!

Jenna ❧


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